Monthly Budgets Info is a notification-based strategy that will show you how you are pacing towards spending your current monthly budget.

Your average rate of spend for the last 2 days is assumed to be the steady-state you will continue to spend for the remainder of the month. For this reason, changes that have been made to goals in the last 48 hours can cause this strategy to be inaccurate.

Inputs required for your strategy:

Monthly Budget

Budget for the Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display goals you are including in this strategy

SB Campaign IDs

Campaign IDs for the Sponsored Brand goals you want to include in your strategy.

  • If adding multiple, separate with commas

  • If you would like to include all, enter "1"

  • To include none, leave blank

SB campaigns IDs can be found in the URL of the Sponsored Brand goal

Include SD?

Toggle this on if you want to include the Sponsored Display goals that correspond to the Sponsored Product goals you have selected.

Select Goals

Select the Sponsored Product goals that you want to include. Note if you "Select All", this will also add any future Sponsored Product goals that are made on your account.


Recommendations will show how much you are expected to over or under spend your budget, and how much you need to increase/decrease daily spend by.

Accepting or rejecting one of these recommendations will have no effect on your account. Daily spend levels should be tweaked by making adjustments to Perpetua goals.

Note: This feature is still in Beta and not all accounts have access. If you don't see this on your account and would like to use it, please reach out to your Data Strategist or to

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