If you are seeing impressions and clicks from your Google Ads campaign but no DPVs (detail page views) from your Amazon Attribution account, there might be an issue.

1. First, go to your Amazon Attribution account and check that an order ID has been created for your campaign (more info here on when order IDs get created).

2. Next, click into the order you are investigating further.

3. On the left panel, click on 'Order Settings'.

4. If your order settings page looks like the below screenshot - where a product/ASIN has not been assigned to the order, you will not see any Amazon Attribution metrics.

5. Search for the product/ASIN that is currently being featured and 'add' it to the order, and 'Continue to the line items' to save.

6. Check back in ~48 hours and you should start to see performance data populate on your Amazon Attribution account and Perpetua.

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