You will be able to optimize and allow Perpetua to take over any existing Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Brands Video campaigns from Amazon. To learn about how to do this, please click here.

You will not be able to optimize and takeover any old Sponsored Products or Sponsored Display campaigns due to the unique campaign structures we've built for these specific ad units. Therefore, you will need to create and launch new goals for these ads.

However, for Sponsored Products campaigns, Perpetua's models will analyze and leverage all available search term data, keyword data, campaign data, and product data that we have access to in order to best configure your new Perpetua campaigns initially. So, you'll never really be starting any Perpetua campaigns from "scratch", as we will always utilize historical data from your old campaigns when ramping up your new Perpetua ones.

To learn more about what happens in the transition process from your old Sponsored Products campaigns to your newly launched Perpetua-managed campaigns, check out this video in our Ad School.

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