Trying to upload your CSV from Vendor Central into your "Sales" tab but getting an "Upload Error. Please try again" message? Below are some common errors that you might have in your current CSV and how to fix them in order to upload your sales data successfully!

Error #1: Null values in your CSV (ex. "-" or "ó").

Ensure that any null values in the report (ex. "-" or "ó") are replaced with the numerical value of "0" before you upload the file.

Error #2: For marketplaces such as France, Spain, and Italy, ensure the date is formatted to YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD.

For the date range column "Viewing=" within your CSV, the default format typically looks like the one you see below:

However, for marketplaces such as France, Spain, or Italy, this default format must be changed to YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD.

Note: This includes no space before and after the "-" as well as ensuring there is a numerical value for each letter.

For example, the date range [12/1/20 - 12/31/20] must be formatted to the following below:

If you've tried fixing the errors above and still receiving an error message, or if the errors are not applicable to your specific case, please reach out via chat support and we'd be happy to help! 🙂

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