To begin, you would need the following:

  1. Google Ads account with Admin permissions

  2. Amazon Attribution account for the country you are connecting

If you do not have an Amazon Attribution account, you would need to create one:

Please note: in both cases, you require Brand Registry to apply for Amazon Attribution.

Once you have the above, you can proceed with the account connection flow.

Steps to connect your account:

1. Navigate to the 'Google Ads' tab and click 'Get Started'

2. Select your Amazon Attribution account from the options provided. Recall that the country of Amazon Attribution profile must match the country of the Perpetua account.

3. Connect your Google Ads account. You will automatically be redirected to the Google Ads authorization page.

Note: You would need to have Google Ads admin permissions to complete this step.

To confirm the admin status: Go to your Google Ads console ➡️ Tools and Settings

➡️ Access and Settings ➡️ look under Managers. You should see your own email in this view.

4. Congratulations! Your account is now connected and you can start launching your Google Ads goals.

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