Google Ads' search ad copy allows you to have up to 3 headlines, and up to 2 descriptions:

What should I put in my headlines and descriptions?

Get creative with ad copy! Create a few different variations to A/B test and see what performs best. Here are a few things to consider for your ad copy:

  • If price is a selling point, include it in the headline or description

  • Mention key attributes of the product in the headline and/or description. These attributes would likely be the same ones you would include in your product title or bullets on your Amazon product detail page

  • If applicable, mention free shipping and/or free returns

As mentioned above, create multiple ad copies to A/B test. We also encourage testing between the Brand Store and PDP as the ad destination. Make sure the ad copy and the keywords you choose are consistent with the destination.

For example:

  • If you're advertising a particular product line, set the ad destination to the store page specific to that product line or to a product detail page with other products in that line as variations.

  • When bidding on branded keywords link to either your main store page, or to your bestseller/hero product PDP, or to a new product introduction

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