This article is about attribution for Amazon Attribution ads. To read about Attribution for Sponsored ads, click here.

When a customer clicks on one of your Amazon Attribution advertisements, they may not immediately make a purchase. They may do this over the next few days, and if they end up purchasing a product within the attribution window, that sale will be attributed to that click.

Amazon Attribution uses a 14 day attribution window.

Amazon Attribution ads combine metrics from different sources. While metrics like impressions and CTR come from the platform where the ad is being served (such as google), metrics such as sales and conversions come from Amazon. You can read more about these metrics here.

Due to this, Amazon attribution sales MAY BE DUPLICATED with other Amazon advertisements.

While Amazon uses a last touch attribution model for Sponsored ads (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display) and DSP. This means that no matter how many ad units a customer has engaged with, only 1 ad unit will receive the sale.

Amazon attribution ads operate in a different "swim lane," meaning that a sale may be attributed to an attribution ad AND one of the above listed ad units.

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