What is Branded PAT?

Historically in goals using Branded or Advanced targeting, the PAT campaign is not a part of the Branded segment (it is in either the Unbranded or Competitor Segment), meaning that it only targets competitor ASINs. With Branded PAT, you can now target your own ASINs, and feature ads in the carousel on your Product Detail Pages

Why are we so excited to offer this?


If you have new products you can show them on your product detail page, this will help to catch the attention of customers who may be already familiar with your brand.

Brand defense

If you are not running Branded PAT, that means your competitors share of voice on your product page is 100%. Don't let your competitors target your customers that have already gotten to your product detail page

What does this mean for me?

Budgets for branded segments in goals are now being shared between 2 campaigns as opposed to 1. If you were using a high percentage of your budget before, you may now have campaigns going dark. We recommend increasing budgets on branded segments if your average utilization is above 80%.

I don't want to run Branded PAT, how do I turn it off?

If you don't want to run a Branded PAT campaign for any of your goals, you can turn this campaign off from your Advanced Settings.

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