Dayparting allows you to only run your ads during certain times of the day when you believe they will perform best. Rather than manually turning on and off goals, you can set schedules for the Segments within your goals.

Using Dayparting

To access the Dayparting feature in Perpetua, click into any of your goals, and open Advanced Configurations.

From here you can see each of the Segments that you have in this goal, as well as the current schedule that the campaign is running on. By default, all of your Segments will be set to Always On. Once you have other schedules made you can select a schedule using the drop down menus beside each Segment.

Managing Schedules

In order to make a new schedule or to change any of your schedules, you will need to select Manage Schedules from the Dayparting menu.

On the left you will be able to see all of the schedules that you already have made. You can select any of these schedules to make changes to them or to delete them.

Note: If you delete a schedule that has Segments running on it currently, these Segments will return to Always On.

To make a new schedule, click the Create New button on the bottom left of the Manage Dayparting Schedules page. From here you can name it whatever you would like and select the times for the schedule to be on or off.

Important Note on Changing Schedules

Schedules hold for all goals within one marketplace. If you have a schedule applied to some of your goals and then make a change to that schedule, these goals will now follow the new schedule.

Important Note on Timezones

When you are making your schedules, there will be a note indicating which time zone these hours apply to. These timezones are consistent with what the time zones that Amazon uses for each marketplace.

For example, if you wanted your goals to run from 9am-5pm EST, you would not select 9am-5pm. You would select 6am-2pm, as 6am-2pm PST is the same as 9am-5pm EST.

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