How to Start Tracking Search Terms

First, head over to the Targets & Search tab on the menu! Then Click Search Terms at the top.


Track a Search Term from the List

If you want to start tracking a Search Term that you already have in the Search Term list, select the 3 dots to the right of the Search Term, and then choose "Track"

Track Multiple Search Terms

If you want to add multiple Search Terms or track a Search Term that you don't have in your Search Term list you can do so by selecting the "Track Terms" icon that you will see in the top right corner of the Search Term List.
You can then select "Add Search Terms" and type in the Search Terms you would like to start tracking.

If you're having trouble picking which Search Terms to track, you can let Perpetua suggest Search Terms for you. Just click the "Suggest Search Terms" button and we will automatically populate the input box with suggestions for the remaining number of terms in your tracking limit. After you input your search terms, click the purple Add Search Terms button.

Tracking Additional Search Terms Outside of Your Quota

If you use up your quota and you want to track more Search Terms, you can easily purchase more by clicking the "Track More" icon. This icon will appear both at the top right corner of the Search Term List or in the Search Term Tracking box after you click the "Track Terms" icon.

If you want to stop tracking Search Terms, click here for instructions.

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