Adding ASIN to an Existing Goal
How do I add an ASIN I want to advertise to an existing Sponsored Products goal?
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  1. Go to your Sponsored Products tab and find the goal you want to add the ASIN in.

  2. Click onto the goal and click Edit Product on the top right corner of your ASINs list.

From here, there are a few different ways you can add your ASIN to a goal:

To add new ASINs to advertise

  1. Click on the Not Optimized filter beside the search bar to view ASINs that are currently not in any existing Perpetua goals.

  2. Select the products you wish to add to this goal or directly search for them in the search bar. Then click Update.

Note: you cannot add an ASIN to more than one goal. Learn more about it here.

If you want to add an ASIN that is currently in another goal, you can follow the instructions here.

How to add ASINs that aren't showing up in the ASINs list

If the ASIN you want to add is currently not showing up in the ASIN list, this may mean that the ASIN has not yet been pulled into Perpetua. This is because Perpetua syncs the product list from your Amazon account every few days.

However, it's very easy to manually pull the ASIN into Perpetua and add it to your goal. To do so:

  1. Click the Bulk ASIN Add button.

2. Add your ASIN(s), separating them using line breaks. After entering all the new ASINs, click Next.

3. You may see a warning message such as "None of these ASINs are associated with this account?"

This just means currently, the ASINs are not in your Perpetua account and therefore our systems deems them "unassociated". If the ASINs you're manually adding are in fact associated with your specific seller account and marketplace, click Yes, I'm Sure.

4. You can then finish the next steps to add the ASINs to your goal!

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