Launching a Sponsored Brand Goal
A step by step guide to walk you through how to launch a sponsored brand product collection/headline campaign on Perpetua
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1. Go to the Sponsored Brands tab and click the purple New Goal button.

2. Select Product Collection.

3. Set up your Creative.

  • Select the Brand and Ad Destination

  • Entering your Brand Name and creating an Ad Headline

  • Select a Targeting Type

4. Pick your products and rearrange the order as you see fit.

5. Configure your goal in the configuration panel on the right side.

  • Select your Targeting Type

  • Enter your Goal Name

  • Enter your Target ACoS and Daily Budget

  • Make changes in ⚙️ Advanced settings (optional)

6. Click the Submit for Approval button. Amazon will then review the creative. Once it is approved, your campaign will be live! 🥳

Article last updated March 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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