If you manage your own Amazon campaigns you have to decide between Automatic vs. Manual campaigns:

Automatic Campaigns: 

These are out of the box campaigns created by Amazon. They are not customizable at all, and though they may be a good starting point, they are without a doubt the least effective way to run Amazon ads. In fact, Amazon actually encourages sellers and vendors to move to manual campaigns for best performance. 

Manual Campaigns:  

If you take over your Amazon ad campaigns manually, you have to manage three distinct variables: 

  • Keyword: These are the keywords that you'll need to target for your campaign. You'll want to focus on the words that a customer might search when looking for your product, or that express intent to purchase similar products.Trending keywords change frequently. 

  • Match Type: After choosing your keyword(s), you'll then have to select how closely these keywords match a customer's search.  These different match types allow you to have a narrow or broad focus when matching your keywords to a customer's intent.  Specifically, the three options are: broad (a search matches any of the words in your "keyword" selection), phrase (a search matches all of the words in your "keyword" selection), exact (word for word exact match).

  • Bid Price: Finally, you'll need to determine the bid amount that will allow you to win the keywords that you've chosen.  Selecting bid pricing is very strategic, and it is very much a science, not an art. 

To run successful manual campaigns, you would need to analyze the effectiveness of these variables as often as possible and make adjustments over and over again. 

Why Perpetua? :

Humans are inherently limited at optimizing the many variables associated with a manual campaign.  In fact, it is literally impossible for a person optimize these inputs faster than our algorithms (which optimize in real time).  We have proven that, without fail, our AI powered automation engine will outperform humans by generating higher sales and lower ACoS.  We encourage you to give it a try. 

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