Sponsored Brands video is a new ad unit recently introduced by Amazon in closed beta. You can read all the details on Amazon's site here. The beta is available to both vendors and sellers in the US marketplace only. To be eligible as a seller you must have a brand in the brand registry. 

Not sure if you're in the beta or not? Simply open the advertising console, tap on "Create Campaign", then choose "Sponsored Brands". If you see a choice of ad format as shown in the screenshot below, then you are in the beta:

If you're not in the beta, but would like to get started with Sponsored Brands video, please reach out to us over support to see if we can help.

If you are in the beta, Perpetua supports creating and optimizing Sponsored Brands video campaigns in under a minute. Go to the Sponsored Brands tab in the app and tap on "New Goal" to get started. 

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