Sales analytics allows you to combine sales data from Vendor Central — Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) — with your advertising data to estimate organic sales and measure the impact of Amazon Advertising on total sales.

To get started, download one of the following reports as a CSV from ARA and upload below.


  • Make sure the date range is filtered to only a single week or month (only Weekly or Monthly reporting is supported)
  • Set Program to Amazon Retail
  • Set Distributor View to Manufacturing
  • Set Sales View to Ordered Revenue or Shipped COGS (ARA Basic)
  • Set Category, Subcategory, and Brand to All

NOTE: Ensure that any null values in the report (ex. "-" or "ó") are replaced with the numerical value of "0". If not, you will receive an "Upload Error. Please try again" error when uploading your CSV file.

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