According to a recent Adeptmind survey nearly half (46.7%) of US internet users started product searches on Amazon compared with 34.6% who went to Google first.

When we look at how consumers search for and click on ads for your products on Amazon we break it up into two categories: direct and discovery. Direct is consumers who find your product by searching for your specific brand name or product name. Discovery is consumers who find your product by searching for generic category, feature, complementary product or competitive product.

We believe it is very important to advertise to direct traffic by bidding on your own branded keywords in order to protect your brand, make sure you don't lose sales to competitors and keep a position above the fold on the search results page. However, this should be done as efficiently as possible with a low ACoS.

In order to grow your overall sales and brand presence on Amazon it is equally important to target new customers by bidding on unbranded keywords. To pursue customers who are not yet familiar with your brand or product it is often wise to dedicate additional budget and tolerate a higher ACoS to get the sale. This is especially true when the lifetime value of that customer may exceed the revenue of that single sale. For example if you sell a product with good repeat purchase behavior or a subscription model.

The "reach new customers" goal in Perpetua allows you to set separate dedicated budgets and ACoS targets for your branded and unbranded keywords. Creating a "reach new customers" goal is currently only possible in our iOS app. If you're on web and you'd like to set one of these goals, please reach out to us on Intercom.

First, open the goals tab, tap on the + button in the top right of the screen and choose "Reach New Customers.

Next, input your daily budget and ACoS for branded keywords followed by your daily budget and ACoS for your unbranded keywords.

Then, input a list of "brand phrases", as many as you like. Any keyword that contains one of your brand phrases will be considered a branded keyword. Typically this will be the name of your brand or product.

Finally, choose one or more products you want to advertise and then tap on "Launch Campaigns".

You will now see a "Reach New Customers" goal in your goals list with separate targets for direct and discovery traffic.

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